Oddly Missing Features - Bind per Zone Logging

One of the great things about Apache is that you can override most of the configuration settings on a server, virtual host or directory level. This fine grained customisation makes it both flexible and damn powerful. Unfortunately the people behind bind don’t seem to have grabbed on to this idea.

A prime example is bind logging. I want to log all queries to a domain I want to retire (actually a number of domains I want to retire…); but bind doesn’t allow this. It considers logging directives to be a global, per server thing that can’t be customised on a zone level. Which is annoying and leads to logging a LOT more than I care about and then chainsawing it with perl and grep.

I know it’s open source and I should start trying to add this functionality but I use tindydns for my own sites and so I don’t care enough to scratch the itch - and my C is terrible. But, just maybe, someone out there, who’s very bored, will see this post and fire up their editor of choice…