LinkShot -- 2005/02/01

The day time job is eating up a little bit too much time at the moment so I’m just going to post a couple of links that look interesting and would typically be gifted with my witty rantings :)

Ward Cunningham (now an MSoftie) is probably involved in PatternShare, a site that lets you look through a number of patterns from different authors. It’s probably worth keeping an eye on this and seeing how it develops

gmane provides a very neat mailing list to news group service. Now they’ve branched out a bit and are offering a pretty neat service; the ability to view a mailing list as a blog.

The idea is actually really simple (and well executed), each post to the list is a new blog entry. Each reply is a comment to that entry. If you subscribe to an RSS feed then you only get the initial posting, you don’t get flooded by the replies. Here are the Perl and Ruby directories.