Magazine Adverts

I’ve just finished a cursory read of this months Java focused Dr Dobbs magazine (number 362, July 2004). Not being a Java person i wasn’t expecting to get too much out of it but what surprised me was the sheer number of adverts.

This issue has a pull out poster (sponsored by Microsoft) and a total of 50 full pages of adverts. This doesn’t include the half-page or multiple quarter page adverts found on another couple of dozen or so pages. Not bad for a magazine that weighs in at less than 150 pages.

One of my other magazine purchases was the July 2004 issue of MSDN magazine. What struck me as odd was the fact it came with another magazine bundled with it, “The C/C++ users Journal.” While i can understand the desire to try and lure VB and C#ers across what gave me a chuckle was the articles on display in this Microsoft magazine attached freebie.

  • C++ Compilers for Linux
  • Gentoo: A programmers Linux
  • Task Scheduling and Real Time Linux
  • GNU and Native C++ compilers

I’m not sure who snuck this one through the MS people but the exposure doesn’t hurt the Linux world.