Computer Equipment and Exchange Rates

I’d like to see the European Union spend some more time investigating regional pricing. I’m in the market for a new monitor and I’ve seen a number of people recommend the Dell 2001FP, it’s a nice looking monitor with a good spec. More importantly everyone who has bought one has recommended it. This monitor looks pretty good and I considered buying one. Being a diligent consumer I decided to do some pricing, for comparison lets use the details at Dell 2001FP UK and Dell 2001FP US.

The monitor from Dell US costs, in the sale, 809.10 USD. The monitor in the UK costs 650 GBP. Those numbers looked a little out to me so I used the excellent and found out that, at the current exchange rates, 809.10 USD is equivalent to 451.63 GBP, nearly a third cheaper than buying the monitor in Europe. Kiss my purchase goodbye.