BBC Backstage Competition Extended

While sitting in the BBC backstage session at OpenTech I had an idea for an entry to the competition. Which I then forgot about. After an email from a friend recently asking if I’d done anything for it and pointing out I only had three days left I decided to have a coding day on Saturday and try and get a prototype working and submitted. And then the BBC Backstage competition deadline is extended! So now I can go back to what I’d already planned to do today and procrastinate some more. Thank you BBC. I think ;)

One of the few bits of code I have written for the competition is a short script to automatically download TV-Anytime data and extract it ready for manipulation. It seems to work fine and it does what I want so I thought I’d share it to lower the amount of work anyone else attempting the competition needs to do.

Update: Thanks to a small code snippet for getting the current date, from Dave Cross, the script is now half the size and just as readable.