Attending YAPC::Europe 2007 - Maybe

I’ve been quiet recently for “medical reasons”. I’ve been suffering from a pain in the side that seems to strike strongly when I’m sitting, laying or standing up - yes, that doesn’t leave a lot :) It’s present most of the time but tolerable unless I sit in certain positions or chairs. It’s not been too bad at work as the office has very nice seats but I drastically reduced my time spent online (my home desk setup seems to annoy it) while I waited to find out what’s wrong. It’s the geek in me but things don’t seem to bad once you can put a name to them.

Although I’m still waiting for results from a number of tests, the basic view (ultrasounds are cool) seems to be I have Gall stones, an infection and inflammation (the latter of which is probably due to the infection, which is probably due to the gall stones; woo).

And so we get to YAPC::EU, I’ve got tickets, a hotel booked and a list of people I’d like to catch up with but I’m still not sure if I’ll be going or not; but that’s OK, I’ve got… oh 15 hours to decide. This does mean I won’t be going to Linux Conf AU 2008 though. I doubt this’ll be resolved by then and the two long flights to Sydney this year were awkward enough without the extra problems and pain I’d have to put up with this time around.