So why no posts?

I went to the Nordic Perl Workshop. I had a great time. I also got sunburn.

The legal issues surrounding my grandfathers estate are heating up again. Which takes a lot of my time and energy (and money).

Builders have been in and redone the kitchen in the flat. It flooded a couple of months ago and now looks shiny and new again. Which means I’ve not been able to move about in here much for the last week or so. Should be finished tomorrow.

I’ve started writing blog entries for work. I’m not used to watching my published words quite so carefully. I also can’t make the same assumptions about my audience.

We’re starting to feel some time pressure at work (we’ve got a number of big announcements at a large tech conference in a couple of months) so I did my first weekend in a long time. It was all new software to me (FAI and Puppet). We’re re-doing our provisioning so I quite enjoyed it. Note to future employers - give me interesting things to do and I’ll work seven day weeks. Even on salary.

An old friend of mine broke up with his long term girlfriend and has needed equal parts sympathy and nights out. Which has eaten most of my social life. They’re now back together.

I’d like my life back now. Please?