Short Term Sabbatical

This year has been a pretty rough one for me, too many good people gone forever with nary a replacement in sight, the proving of “no news is good news” (one more “are you sitting down” phone call and I’m either gonna go boom or crack) and lots of crap rained down from above. In response to life taking a firm hold of my dangly bits I’ve decided to take the next eleven days out and then start afresh from January (I know it’s only a symbolic date) with a clear head, a lot more enthusiasm and a lighter tone.

In the mean time my site / blog / email / apps should all be considered suspended while I get some things in order. I’ll hopefully be back in the New Year with a lot more tech to post and code to share.

Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and thanks for reading Dean Wilson – Site Owner and Tech Rambler