Stock Photos Considered (Non-)Harmful

As anyone who has ever read this site will have noticed, I have no artistic ability; and a love of torturing innocent punctuation :). Even the comet tail / mosaic at the top of almost every page was done for me by an amazingly talented guy called Pete Jones.

One of my side projects (which typically move at near glacial speed) could do with a splash of colour and some photos. A quick google around led me to iStockPhoto which, in addition to having a great little tag line (The designer’s dirty little secret), has some great images, especially some of the business shots by Lisa Gagne.

What’s interesting to me is both the cheapness of the images, the fact that the submitters get 20% in royalties and that this may be the closest thing to a working micro-payments system I’ve seen recently. Oh and the prices are in dollars which rocks for me as a UK denizen.