Ubuntu Dropped Desktop Themes

For those of you that don’t know it, and even for those that do, Ubuntu is a Linux distribution that is based upon Debian but with up-to-date desktop packages such as a modern Gnome. The distro itself has received a lot of good press and looks very promising.

But that’s dull. No one cares if it’s technically excellent or it meets the needs of a large number of people (I may soon be running this on my Linux laptop so my views on this are pretty transparent :)) What is more interesting is controversy and differing opinions. Ubuntu had a theme named Human that was added as the default in the testing cycle. This theme had scantily clad people people on it. A number of people took offence at this, you can read the thread for yourself here.

Unfortunately for this story the Ubuntu people had an open IRC session with the users where this issue was discussed calmly and openly. They then took the concerns of the users in to consideration and changed the default theme. The rational bastards!