Help Create a UK Digital Rights Group

I was lucky enough to go to the NTK/UKUUG/BBC OpenTech event on Saturday (July 23rd) and one of the sessions discussed whether we need a British digital rights group to help promote and campaign for our freedoms. While I wasn’t in the session (bad Dean!) I can’t not pledge money and consider myself a decent member of the community.

In order to start the group off there’s a PledgeBank fund you can sign up for. They’re after 1000 people to pledge 5 quid a month for a year and in return it should be possible to have two staffers and go looking for more money to keep the group going. I’ve signed up and hopefully enough other people will to make this happen.

A more comprehensive overview can be found over on Oblomovka. It’s only 60 quid a year and it may help keep our communities open and free. You know you want to :)