Planet GLLUG - Sort of Working

I’m involved in the GLLUG user group. One of the ideas that came up recently (it was actually discussed on a non- GLLUG list!) was about starting a “Planet”. A Planet is a collection of posts from different blogs (pulled together from different feeds) and put on a single page (also available via different feed formats…). And now we have one; behold Planet GLLUG.

The initial release is a trial in a number of ways. Firstly I don’t know much about the software. Secondly I don’t know if people will want to read it, and if so do they want everything or just the tech content?

Some of the things I have noticed from the initial play is that it doesn’t seem to deal with certain values (I think it hates “smart quotes”), it brings a whole RSS 0.91 feed in at once, putting each entry as ‘now’ and it has a very strange release structure where you have to pull versions out of arch. A program that has some of the worst, and most verbose, command line options I’ve ever seen! While the planet is now up expect it to undergo changes for the next couple of days until I like the way it’s working.

If you’re involved in GLLUG, and by that I mean you post on the lists or attend the meetings, and want to get added drop me a note to my gmail account or the one I post to GLLUG with.