2009 Q2 PiP

I’ve been quiet on the PiP front for a while now. While the day to day stuff has kept me busy it hasn’t exactly helped move my career along, I spend most of my time doing things I already know how to do but with a little twist on them.

In an attempt to stop myself from further stagnation I’ve put a short list of goals below that should be my bare minimum for the next three months.

    Attend one technical conference / training course
  • Attend two technical user group meetings
  • Read and review 3 books.
  • Write and publish a Perl modules.
  • Write and package a Python or Ruby module
  • Write and publish a technical article.
  • Create a personal Debian repo
  • Create 3 Debian packages, at least one of which should contain other peoples code.
  • Write 30 blog posts - at least 15 of which should be technical.

I’ll do a follow up post at the end of the quarter so see how far I got.