Pragmatic Investment Plan

I recently re-read the very interesting slides from the How To Keep Your Job presentation, if you’ve never seen them and you work in a technology field then I suggest you spend some quality time with them, they might just save your salary in years to come.

I spent a good few years working in an investment bank so this approach sits well with my view of the world, the whole investment and portfolio analogy seems very apt. Why am i mentioning this on my site (which I’ve tried not to turn into a link blog)? Because I set myself some goals at the start of the year and I’ve failed to meet more than a third of them in the last (almost) nine months.

Never let it be said I give up easily. After some consideration I’ve decided to have another go but this time I’m putting my basic Pragmatic Investment Plan online where the thought of other people looking at it will hopefully keep me honest. It’s only a first draft and will probably undergo some changes but it should be enough to keep me busy. I’ve decided to start from 2004/09/01 and see how long it takes me to meet my goals.