Fantastic Four -- Quickie Review

Over the last couple of years comic book fans have been spoiled by some great big-screen adaptations. Spiderman 1 and 2 (which NEED more witty one-liners from the wall crawler), X-Men 2, HellBoy and Sin City have all been enjoyable and lived up to the franchises that spawned them. We’ve also been witness to some truly dire moments, Catwomen and Electra spring to mind. So where does Fantastic Four fit?

It’s pretty average. Michael Chiklis does a good job as The Thing (although the suit looks dire; that needs to change for the sequel), Ioan Gruffudd is pretty bland, Chris Evans character is badly written and never fleshed out (possibly on purpose but it just gets annoying) so we’ll discount him and Jessica Alba… well she looks damn good with blond hair and wearing a cat-suit but the role didn’t exactly seem challenging. She was better in Sin City and she had a lot less screen time in that.

While it’s not a disaster it’s not something you should bother travelling to see. One to rent cheap. 4/10.