Neward, chromatic and External Perspectives

Ted Neward is the latest person to get linked to in the ongoing campaign to prove that parrot isn’t dead, sleeping or pining for the fjords (sorry, couldn’t resist). While chromatic rebuffs some of Teds points I can’t help but think something is missing - a little outside perspective.

chromatic rightfully points out that the project isn’t dead (and has actually been pretty visible in the perl sphere since the start of the year) but look at it from more of an outsiders angle - unless you are already in the perl community it’s not obviously moving. A release every month is lovely and all but the announcements are apparently not hitting all the right places if people like Ted (who seems to at least keep an eye on a number of different projects and technologies) haven’t noticed. And if he’s not seen them then the unwashed masses of other developers won’t have either. Is this a problem? Depends on what you want from the project. Mindshare is a wonderful thing but introducing people to a technology before it’s ready can destroy its chances of success.

PS I wanted to be glib and just say “motion != progress” but that seems unfair considering the amount of time people are investing.