Mozilla Europe and M4D Conference Skills

I’ve seen two posts today, each of them about technical events, that caught my interest and deserve a comment. The Farm on the Rails Seminar Admissions Test is something I’ve thought about in the past and never come to a conclusion about; how do you do an advanced event without pissing people off?

The Pragmatic Studio’s Advanced Rails Studio approach is to ask for demonstration code, a site or a decent write up of previous experience. I don’t think it’d fit my need, I want to organise a peer group of experienced Linux sysadmins for more frequent meetings, but I’m interested in seeing how people respond to the entry criteria.

The second post was Gervase Markham on a European Mozilla Conference. I’m not a heavy Firefox developer but I’ve written search extensions and Greasemonkey plugins, I’ve made a couple of trivial extensions and I’d love to go to a one day developer focused event, if it happened in London, to see what else I can make it do. So how about it guys? I’m willing to help with venues and promotion…