Little Bits of Code

When I worked as a developer I played around with servers and infrastructure in my spare time, now I get paid to worry about that kind of stuff I quite enjoy writing the occasional useless piece of code.

This weeks were a patch (well it started as a patch) to Statistics::Lite to make it pass its tests. And then I got distracted in to re-writing its test script from to Test::More. Educational and slightly useful. Then I was sent to LOLCODE where I whiled away a lunch hour trying to add support for I HAZ A BUKKIT(arrays) and better file handling to one of the perl implementations. (for the record I’m not a fan of lolcats, but the lolrus is amusing.)

While the results are far from useful the implementation I looked at did it’s parsing with reads and regex substitutions; which I’d never seen done before. So I did learn a new (although less than ideal) trick or two from playing with it.

It’s the learning that’s important, not the seriousness of the examples or outcome.