Linux Journal - Advert Delivery System?

While I’m thinking about magazines I’m going to complain about Linux Journal. I’ve been a reader for over six years now and apart from the horrible “Cooking with Linux” columns (where Marcel Gagme badly pretends to be a French restaurateur) I’ve been happy with the content. Mick Bauer’s “Paranoid Penguin” and “At The Forge” by Reuven Lerner have long been highlights.

Recently the magazines tone seems to have changed a lot. It’s now almost impossible to find a two page spread that doesn’t have an advert in it. The graphical layout makes it hard to tell where the articles begin and the magazines physical dimensions have altered, making it a bugger to stack.

I’m giving it another issue to find its feet and if it’s no better I’ll stop reading it. When I started looking for Linux information my reading options were pretty limited. Thankfully, these days, there are other sources of Linux information.