Identity 2.0 OSCON Presentation

I finally got around to watching the entertaining and very well rehearsed OSCON 2005 Identity 2.0 Keynote by Dick Hardt. The presentation itself is very catchy; a large number of very short slides that stop you getting bored (very Lessig). I hate to think how long he spent getting them together. My favourite was the MS Passport slide, which, slide-by-slide, summarises the whole story of Passport in a single element.

Sxip itself is an interesting idea and the move from businesscentric silos to user centric ones is well over due but I’m curios as to how you boot strap something like this. If you go to a company like Amazon and ask them to accept login details from you then a benefit needs to be offered. But what is it? Lowering the customers cost of entry by not making them enter all their details is nice but you need a big customer base to make this fly. And how do you get them?

If the topic’s of interests it’s also worth listening to Dick Hardt talking to IT Conversations. It’s not as pithy but provides more information.