House - My C.S.I Replacement

I used to be a big fan of C.S.I, the original, not the spin-offs, but as the series continued to come it moved away from the science and quirks and more in to the weekly “soap opera” I lost my interest in it. Fortunately there’s now a new contender for it’s place in my very limited TV schedule. House, M.D.

The title character, Dr. Gregory House, is played damn well by Hugh Laurie, a British actor best known in the UK for his comedy work. House is an anti-social doctor who specialises in both infectious diseases and annoying the people around him with his smugness and attitude. The character reminds me of Grissom but a lot more extroverted and willing to get involved. The whole series seems to be C.S.I inspired, but in a good way, and is a worthwhile waste of 45 minutes.

Channel 5 is currently about 15 episodes in and it’s turning in to great escapism. Now when can we get a cross-over with C.S.I? ;)