Five things - the meme that would not die.

I’ve been tagged by Dave Cross so here are some things that you probably don’t know about me but I’m not too worried about sharing. Although they ain’t very juicy.

  • I simultaneously broke both my wrists while playing football in secondary school - it involved a concrete pitch and a diving goal keeper. In addition to hurting like hell for what seemed like forever it was also the last time I actually played football. Being unable to use my hands for weeks is an experience I never want to repeat.
  • My um... interest(?), in blond haired, blue eyed girls can be tracked back to a girl named Naomi. Who's also one of my very few regrets.
  • Up until the age of 21 I was an only child. I now have two much younger half-siblings. I've also been exposed to the hellish wasteland that is childrens television, which seems to be half disturbingly cute characters and half dad bait.
  • This one's known by some people I worked with at OT - in the company hiring procedure they did a personality test. I scored none out of ten on trusting people. I consider this a feature.
  • I hate travelling with a fiery passion but I love tech conferences.

I’ll play pass the meme with Will, The Rev, Simon Stewart, Mr Goodwin and Bob Walker (who needs to blog more anyway). That’ll cover a couple of continents.