Lovers of good SciFi Rejoice

My name is Dean, and I’m a Farscape fan. I have just one thing to say: W00T! Why am I making gamer noises of joy? The FARSCAPE Trailer has been released.

For those of you that don’t know the back story the best place to start is the Save FARSCAPE site. The short version is that the TV execs meddled in the show and then shut it down. The fans rebelled and, considering that it’s back, I’d say we won. The Net is a wonderful thing. The long version can be found at the site itself.

It’s been a bad year for stupid mistakes at the big TV companies, FarScape goes off the air, Wonderfalls is culled before it even had a chance and the premature retirement of Angel to make room for yet more reality TV rubbish is enough to make even casual fans of genre TV curse. But the return of FarScape, while an isolated incident is an important one, the tech savvy fanbase are starting to understand how to have their voices heard. And we just won round one.