Doomed in Crowds on Mars

I’m on call this weekend so I’m pretty limited in what I can get up to. At least that’s my excuse for watching TV…

First up I saw the movie adaptation of Doom. I’ve blogged about the Doom movie before and unfortunately I was right. It was bloody terrible. Almost no plot, insanely bad voice acting from Rosamund Pike and lots of pointless corridors. The only highlight was the first person section that gave a nod to the original franchise. What the film needed was a lot more action from the get go, dropping the marines in a running battle that never let up would have had no adverse effect on the “plot” while giving action fans (and fans of the games) a better experience. 2/10

The other disappointment was the IT Crowd. A new comedy on Channel 4. It’s a bad premise with a naff implementation. It’s just not funny.

On a positive note I was pleasantly surprised by what could have been a very niche show, Life on Mars. A time travel drama featuring a bemused, possibly in a coma, John Simm as the lead man. Heavily influenced by The Sweeny with some great “is it real?” moments and a very competent cast it’s one of the few things worth watching at the moment. First Dr Who and now this. The BBC might just be making a Sci-fi comeback!