Busy February

I was more than a little slack in my online activities in February. Between getting back from LCA and preparing for FOSDEM (tip: sleep a lot before you go) I also managed to have curry with both David Cantrells, see Luke Kanies present Puppet at GLLUG, attend a London PM Heretics, a Lonix and two other meetings that don’t have real names yet. And reach another birthday.

I’m not going to UKUUG in Manchester (I need some time at home) but I’ve been prodded in to potentially organising another GLLUG evening and a London PM tech meet, Brummie.pm are willing to come down and speak so it’s a perfect time to put one together. All I need is to get enough hours in front of my email to plan it. I’m also attending the second Google OpenSource Jam in London so come and say “Hi” if you’re there.