Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children DVD

I’m pretty sure I had a reason for adding Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children to my Amazon DVD rental queue, but when it arrived in the post I couldn’t think of it.

I’ve never played the game so I went in to the film cold and have to say that it was actually a decent watch, even for a newbie. The plot makes a little sense, the voice cast were forgettable but some of the animated fight scenes were amazing. Part Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and part pure technology demo it’s hard not to come away liking at least the fight scenes.

While looking at the extras I did notice a “Reminisce about Final Fantasy VII” link that sped the viewer through the game. With hindsight I should have watched this first so I’d have more of a clue what was going on… Still I enjoyed it for the sheer technology and fight scenes if nothing else.