Big Maps and Background Removals

I’ve added a couple of new scripts to my Greasemonkey Script collection. Remove Background Image does exactly what you’d expect. Add an @include like for your site of choice and refresh the page to make it go away.

The second one’s based on a Streetmap trick Wookie Bob showed me. StreetMap 5x5 grid changes the map you’re looking at to a 5x5 grid view you can only usually get by hacking the URL. At the moment it changes every size to that one, this suits me because I live in London. However this can be changed in the source if you’re unfortunate enough to live elsewhere.

Update - Dave Cantrell has pointed out that the Streetmap 5x5 grid is available by clicking the “Big Map” link. Which I seem to have never noticed. The script is still useful for setting a sensible default view size.