Upcoming Tech events - Q1 2013

For sysadmins and devopsy type people the next couple of months are full of chances to meet and learn from your European peers -

We start off with the return of PuppetCamp to its home in Gent. Puppetcamps are a great, informal way to see how other people are using Puppet and put names to faces. A number of the more active European community members will be present and Ghent is a lovely city so it’s worth a couple of days out of the office - and then of course you can stay for …

the 800 pound gorilla of Free and Open conferences - FOSDEM 2013. It’s hard to describe how much happens at FOSDEM, both in terms of material presented and project planning. 473 lectures (including the Configuration Systems Management devroom) and over 5000 people make this one a pleasure.

This year also marks the first DevopsDays London. Love or hate the name, the ideas discussed at the previous devopsdays have had a massive impact on our industries patterns and practises (and of course twitter and Hacker News) and the arrival of PuppetCamp London. Details on this one are a little thin at the moment but considering the number of puppet users in the city it’ll be interesting to see who submits talks.

If after all this you still have any Euros or Holiday time left then I can recommend Linux Open Administration Days 2013 in April. LOAD is a hidden gem of a sysadmin conference with a great informal feel, excellent talks and a audience of very passionate people.

It’s a great time to learn, get involved and meet your peers - I’m aiming to be at most of the above conferences and it’ll be nice to see some of you there too.