The (Almost) calm before the storm.

The UKUUG tutorials are usually both top notch and start too early for most people to travel to the venue on the day. At every conference past the first one attended the people with more understanding bosses, or in my case holiday time, travel up on the day before and camp down for an early start. Or at least that’s the plan…

After being given the run around by some well meaning but uninformed staff, “I’m here to register for the conference.” “How is it?” “Um… I’ll let you know. WHEN IT’S OVER!”, and finding our cell like rooms (they’re cheap, have beds and showers so they’ll do) a group of about a dozen people headed off to discover wireless internet access. And then gave up and went to the pub instead.

The pub conversations at the start of the conference are always a laugh, the topics vary a lot, personalities shine through and the Debian people prove they can handle their drink. Again ;) The next four days should be interesting.