The Future is Open -- Jeremy Zawodny

"Yahoo has gone from not as good as Google to a very interesting company"Ben Hammersley.

To most of us Jeremy Zawodny is Mr Yahoo, he’s the only face we see (and blog we read) from one of the bigger tech companies and while his blog is well worth reading it’s always good to hear someone with his background speak in person.

The session covered a lot of small bits and pieces such as the need for a standard way to authenticate to webservices and APIs (without using the whole WS-* stack). How to streamline the inside of companies to allow for faster prototyping and innovation. What Yahoo Developer Network offers, what Yahoo has a lot of (and not so many of like data centres). Why RSS will grow beyond blogging and why APIs that let you get your data back out lower the barrier to entry (which everyone except management seem to grasp!)

To be honest I didn’t take many notes in this session, the speaker was good and the topics were varied and interesting. But don’t take my word for it, grab the Jeremy Zawodny OpenTech recording.