Flu, The Puppet Muppets and NPW 2007

I’ve been in bed for most of the last week and a half (apart from two very short staffed days in the office) with the cold / flu bug that seems to stalk through our office on permanent rotation. Apart from the general feeling ill and lots of sleeping I missed a GLLUG and the first London Puppet Muppets meeting. But I did decide to go to the 2007 Nordic Perl Workshop, an event I’ve managed to miss for the last three years.

I’ve never been to any of the Scandaweigan countries so I’m both looking forward to having a look around and the conference itself. I expect to see many trees and much snow. The perl in financial institutes talks and Flexible Business Rules with Brick (brian d foy) look very interesting. And I get to meet up with The Hukins as well, (who needs both an easy to link to web page and a blog dammit) just not in any vegetarian restaurants.

Now I just need to do the actual bookings and not get distracted before the event starts…