Mind Hacks at Foyles

Mind Hacks is an O’Reilly book that examines specific operations of the brain and presents simple experiments (do try this at home :)) to illustrate how it works and how, occasionally, you can fool it.

O’Reilly and Foyles held a join event in the Foyles gallery in London where they had both of the books main authors do a short introduction to the topic and explain what the book was about. While it started off a little nervous and seemly unprepared they soon hit their pace and had the audience roped in and laughing in all the right places; although the word leopard was seriously over-used.

The talk itself was quite interesting (one of their examples was covered in Malcolm Gladwells Blink which was only recently released.) and the gallery itself was packed, barely any standing room was left and people were in among the stacks watching from the back. All-in-all it was a good night. All I need to do now is buy the book.