LPI Exams - How do you learn best?

This years FOSDEM had some representatives from the LPI conducting exams. LPI also did something similar at last years Linux Expo, and each time people seemed to really like the chance to take the exams cheaply and discuss their preparation with other candidates before the session. And then come out bonded from the pressure :)

To me this seems to be a perfect opportunity for some group collaboration at a LUG level. The only question is how do people learn best?

After thinking about it for a while there are two ways of doing this that appeal to me. The first one is for the more advanced Linux users who just want the cert. Have a one day LPI cram (possibly on a Saturday as if it were a normal GLLUG) where people quiz each other on the different objectives and then do the exam the next day. If enough people are interested then it should be possible to get an LPI rep in to oversee the exam taking.

The downside to this is that the more advanced users, who this approach would target, don’t typically come together to do things like this. From the people I’ve spoken to they’d be more interested in meeting up a couple of hours before the exam for some last minute chatting and then take the exam.

The second approach would be a longer term, and more suitable for people less… confident… with their skills. The group’d agree on a decent book (maybe LPI in a Nutshell 2nd Edition from O’Reilly) and then put together a rough time line, a mailing list and a (ew) wiki for people to discuss the topics, ask questions, share flashcards etc. and then study group through the objectives.

At a predetermined date get the LPI people in for an afternoon and have them conduct an exam locally. Possibly with the more advanced, self-study people, coming in for the discounted exams.

This wouldn’t even have to be a single LUG thing. All the learning would be either in the privacy of your own home or on ‘Net based resources (list and wiki). The only time your physical location would count is when the exams are to be taken. I assume the LPI people require a certain number of candidates before they’ll send someone along. It’s only in the idea stages for now but it does interest me.