October London Python UG

I made it along to my first ever London Python User Group tonight, and from what the regulars said about the turn out so did a lot of other people. Over 50 people in attendance is very respectable.

The first talk was a bit of a let down, it felt really long, quite slow moving and could have been much better as a lightning talk. Shame it was the best part of over an hour. Luckily the lightning talks themselves were good. Even though I’d seen a couple of them before at PyCon UK. PySmell, which is actually an IDE intellisense / auto-completion helper rather than anything to do with refactoring, is interesting (and you can read the slides online) and Metaclasses in Five Minutes (which took seven minutes) were both highlights of the evening.

ThoughtWorks have very nice offices in London (with a great view) and I’m looking forward to the next one. Kudos to Simon Brunning for organising it and let’s hope Leon has the same turn out for tomorrows London.pm tech meet.