London PM Moose Talks - Feb 2009

I wasn’t able to get to the actual talks but luckily the Moose talk slides are now all online (apart from Moose for Ruby programmers which has instead been expanded in to a blog post). By all reports it was another excellent night and I’ll have to keep the evening free for the next one.

Now I’ve read the slides and heard so much positive feedback I think it’s time I tried Moose for a couple of projects. The initial install is still a little daunting due to the sheer number of modules it pulls in (although my main dev machine has most of CPAN installed anyway) but the benefits it seems to bring (I especially like the look of MooseX::Getopt) may be well worth the trade off.

If you’re not familiar with Moose have a look at the slides, it’s great to see a lot of the Perl6 promise here to use right now.