GLLUG June 2005 -- Done!

After an initial problem with the projectors that looked like it was about to sink the whole day (if you saw me at that point I looked like I was about to either explode or cry :)) we managed to get the equipment sorted and all four talks (with five speakers) went almost perfectly to plan. The only talk that overran was the Xen talk, which was due to the number of audience questions. I had a sneaky suspicion that was going to happen so I put it on last; just in case.

Over all everything went pretty well, great speakers, interesting topics, and a friendly audience. It’s the second (and last for a while) GLLUG I’ve organised and I’ve picked up some tricks from each of them. What does make me happy though, and yes I’m shallow, is that we had the highest turn out for over eighteen months; we had 65 people at one point! And the only other GLLUG near that was the one I did three months ago which got 61. I’m surprisingly proud of this. In general things went well and people actually seemed to enjoy it so I’m calling it a win.

Thanks to everyone involved!