2 Misses and One Hit

The hit: I recently got sent away to the 2006 Exim Course in Cambridge. The main presenter, Dr Philip Hazel, who’s also the author of Exim, was a good presenter. The material seemed well rehearsed, nicely paced and covered a fair amount of ground over the three days - he also knows pretty much everything about Exim so the audience questions were always quickly answered. There were also two guest speakers, who had an hour each. I was a lot less impressed by those sessions. I didn’t really pick anything useful up from them. If you want to learn Exim I can recommend the course - although it might be better if they cut down the number of breaks and made it a two day course instead.

And now the misses. I was damn ill while on the Exim course (and it seemed to take a handful of the other attendees out over the week as well) and I got back the day before the second LUG Radio Live event. Which I then ended up missing by being stuck in bed for another couple of days. And I lost my room deposit. From everything I’ve heard Jono and the others did another amazing job. Due to my being off-line for most of the week I also missed the announcement of the d.Construct tickets so I won’t be getting to that either. Grrr.