Google Dev Day - London 2008

I recently went to the London 2008 Google Dev Day (the title of my post doesn’t lie!) and while it was lovely to be near that hallowed grass (only half of which was actually down) the talks themselves left a lot to be desired - actual technical content.

I’m not sure if I’m the wrong audience in that I’ve already looked at the front pages and the code samples but I hoped, given the word developer in the events title, that it’d be a bit more tech heavy.

The actual talks were mostly well presented but they lacked any real depth on the subjects, most of them contained very similar material to the actual API introductions. It was nice catching up with some ex- coworkers though and, if nothing else, I’ve been inspired to look at the Google Visualisation APIs a lot more. When I get some spare time. Still, here’s something to tick off on my PiP.

You can also view the Google Dev Day Videos on YouTube.