I'm going to YAPC::Europe 2006

And you should be too!

YAPC::Europe 2006 is my first YAPC since 2001; when I stopped working as a Perl developer I started spending my cash and holiday time on more relevant conferences. Now I’m working in a heavily perl shop they’ve been gracious enough to pay for my attendance in Birmingham. Where they have curry. Lots of curry. And a Perl conference, but I should get my priorities right ;)

There are a number of great talks in the schedule but I’m especially looking forward to Marty Pauley and Karen Pauley, who have a couple of talks each and are both excellent speakers - Marty is one of the most animate, likable speakers I’ve ever seen and Karen has a perspective on the IT industry that’s always worth listening to, Tim Bunce on DBI (THE horses mouth when it comes to DBI), Dave Cross talking about actual databases (you know, the ones with views, stored procedures and real replication) and a couple of SNMP talks which’ll be useful for work.