September/October 2006 Event Shot

Here’s a link shot to some of the events I want to try and get to over the next two months, they’ve mostly not been very well advertised:

Steve Coast on Geospatial Open Source Activity - hosted by the BCS on September 9th. I've not kept up with Steves bundle of projects (OpenStreetmap and OpenPostcodes among a scary number of others) so I want to get along and see what he's been up to. He's a confident, passionate speaker and I've not yet been disappointed by any of his talks. And I've seen a fair few of them! I've also never been to a BCS meeting so this could be interesting - if I can duck along.

The Storage Expo in Olympia - 18-19th October. It’s not exactly the most exciting of events but the vendors often have shiny new toys and they have the occasional gem of a talk. I’m going to try and cram an afternoon in around a couple of decent talks.

Linux World 2006 - Olympia on the 25th, 26th of October. The last couple of years have left me cold so I won’t be spending as much time there this year (I’m heading down on the afternoon of which ever day has the big Lonix pub crawl). I’m not working on any stalls this year so I can wander around for a couple of hours, say hello to some people I don’t see enough of and look at where the commercial market is pushing. I imagine I’ll be spending most of the afternoon in the .Org village chatting. I also won’t be paying for any of the (overly expensive) sessions.

And lastly d.Construct 2006, thanks to some help from a very cool friend (hi Tom) and the fact that my employers are one of the sponsors I’ll be able to attend this on Friday. W00T!

I’ll also note I missed another London 2.0 meetup. I’ve managed to be tied up for every one of them so far and I’ve still not managed to say hello to Sam.