Techie Events

I try to get to a lot of technical conferences, you meet cool people, you learn lots and (this is going to sound bad…) it gives you a chance to measure yourself against your peers who actually care about what they do. Not just the 9-5 people that don’t even own a home PC. In the next couple of months there’s a small torrent of events coming up and I’m going to see how many I can get to. In no real order we have:

EuroOSCON: I know I said I wasn’t going to be attending. But things changed, it’s the first one, I can apply for a discount (check the EuroOSCON page if you’re a LUG member/Perl Monger) and I’m staying in a really bad (but very cheap :)) hotel. And Damian Conway is doing a tutorial on how to give presentations.

FUDCon (Fedora Users and Developers Conference) 2005 will be held in London at Olympia at the same time as the LinuxWorld Expo (which I normally end up manning stalls at...) and looks like it could be great. Alasdair Kergon is speaking on LVM, Mark Cox is talking about security and Daniel Veillard is covering XEN and Virtualization. And registration is free!

After EuroOSCON is the Nordic Perl Workshop. I didn’t get to YAPC this year and I’ve never been to Sweden so this is looking damn tempting… And it’s on a weekend which means I don’t have to beg for more time off :)

Geeks in London on Thursday 22nd September can look forward to a busy night. Starting with the UKUUG AGM (if you’re not a UKUUG member then why not?) and followed immediately after by a free entry talk on LDAP Schema Design the night begins with tech before moving to the IBM OpenPower kick off event at the London Planetarium. I should be at all three so come and say “Hi”.

Last but not least we have the World Summit on Free Information Infrastructures. It’s in the Limehouse Townhall (which has held many a Consume meeting), which has a great Chinese nearby, and covers, among many other topics, free wireless networking and free of copyright mapping.

There’s a lot going on over the next couple of months and hopefully I’ll be able to get to most (if not all) of the above and post anything cool.