EuroPython 2009 - Wrap up Post

Over the last week I’ve been up in Birmingham catching up with some old friends and attending some talks at the little get together of around 450 Pythonistas that was EuroPython 2009.

This was my second Python conference. The first was PyCon 2008, which was so well organised (by many of the same team as this years EuroPython) that I was inspired to come back. And I wasn’t disappointed. There were a lot of very good talks, some that have planted seeds that I’ll have to come back and try to find the time to look at and some that showed me things I plan on using in the very near future (such as py.test).

The atmosphere was topnotch. Everyone seemed friendly, the speakers were approachable and after spending the evening with so many people working on so many things it was a pleasure to get back to the room and make sure I actually did something technical before bed.

It’s a wonderful feeling to come away from a conference feeling motivated to try new technologies and all I need to do now is actually schedule some time actually write some Python code…

The organisers did a great job and I’ll be back next year.