Code Brew: The Second Attempt

Back in November I read a post by describing the idea of Code Brews. After writing up my own Initial thoughts on Code Brews I got distracted and forgot all about it. Christmas has that effect on me…

After spending some time clearing out some old half-written documents I stumbled on the blog entry and decided to try and kick it off again. I’ve sent an email to six London based techs asking if they are interested in doing a sort of show-and-tell and I’m waiting for responses.

I’m eager to kick-start one of these meets and see what goes wrong and what can be done better. I’m not sure how focused the topics should be, should they all present on one language? How about a security night? Should developers and sysadmins have their own nights etc? By holding the first one with a group of people I’m pretty comfortable with it should make getting some feedback a lot easier. It’ll be interesting to try and gauge how many people make a good group. I assume it’s going to be like D&D and be four-eight. Assuming it happens I’ll post some notes up afterwards.