Simple, Single Document Bookmarks in vim

I like vim, I think it’s a great editor worth investing time and effort in to learning but I also think it’s one of the most horrible things to watch an inexperienced user typo his way through while you’re urgently waiting for them to finish the damn edit. My favourite one this week (and it’s only Tuesday) is looking for probably unique phrases that you can later search for to return to a specific part of a document.

In an attempt to stop my laptop getting any more back of the head shaped dents in it from when I’ve failed to restrain myself I thought I should point out a much simpler way of doing this. Once you’re at the part of a document you want to return to press m<letter>. This sets a mark. To return to it press '<letter>. That’s it. No more pasting in chunks of a string hoping it only occurs once in the damn document. If you need to mark a couple of locations then fine just use different letters to set and return to the places you want. And save me sending another laptop back in for warranty.