Amazon Wishlists in Perl

For a small play project I needed the ability to pull down all the DVDs from a given persons Amazon wishlist. After a quick look on CPAN two main options presented themselves, first up we have WWW::Amazon::Wishlist.

The module has an easy to use interface, doesn’t require an Amazon developer token (it’s a naughty screen-scraper) and doesn’t need any XML modules. Unfortunately while it has no problems getting books I couldn’t get it to download any of the DVDs from the wishlist so I moved on.

Net::Amazon on the other hand is a larger, more comprehensive and complete solution but it has one advantage. It actually does what I want it to ;) After reading some perldoc and Data::Dumpering some structures I’ve managed to get a list of the DVDs from my wishlist in the format I want.

I’ve put a copy of my DVD Amazon Wishlist retrieving code up on the site in case it’s of any use to anyone else. Now I can get on with the harder bits…