Saving Mail in Mutt -- Readline Rocks!

I get a lot of email, personal, mailing-lists and other, odder, sources (CVS commits for example) and the only mail client I’ve ever felt productive in is mutt. It’s a very simple, easy to use, client that hides a staggering amount of power behind a few key-presses; the fact it lets me use vim as my editor is also a killer feature.

What makes mutt a joy to use is that every now and then I’ll stumble on to something new that I’ve never noticed before; today that was tab-completion when saving mail. I have my mutt configured to save emails to the local disk using mbox format. Once you’ve pressed ’s’ to save you get prompted like this: “Save to mailbox (’?’ for list): =savedestination” but rather than typing the destination in by hand you can just remove the bit you don’t need and press tab twice to see all the places you’ve already saved mail.