GoogleSets Command Line Interface

Google labs is one of the ‘Nets open secrets. It’s a site that gathers up some of Googles ideas for new sites and services and allows people to have a play with them. One of the services, Google Sets, has been quite useful to me recently. So I wrote the GoogleSets Command Line Interface.

The basic premise (of both the site and script) is simple, you give it a list and it tries to expand it. So if you pass in ‘Linux’, ‘HPUX’ and ‘Solaris’ it’ll give you back other operating systems. I’ve been using it in a security project to find and possibly expand links between different host names. In one case it predicted a couple of host names that were in use but not in DNS based upon five existing host names.

The GoogleSets Command Line Interface is GPL’d, does what you’d expect and will soon be turned in to a Perl module to allow more programatic access to sets.