DTrace Perl bindings? Yes Please!

While looking through the blogs of both the DTrace engineers at Sun I stumbled upon this little gem (taken from Adam Leventhal’s Weblog):

"And speaking of perl, a lot of people asked about DTrace’s visibility into perl. Right now the only non-natively executed language DTrace lets you observe is Java, but now that we realize how much need there is for visibility into perl, we’re going to be working aggressively on making DTrace work well with perl. We’ve got some neat ideas, but if there are things you’d like to see with DTrace and perl, we’d love to hear about it as we think about what sorts of problems we need to solve.“

This is excellent news, being able to interact with DTrace without needing to learn Java will make a lot of System admins happy. It’s also a good first step into getting other ports working as any work needed to make this work with dynamic languages (like Perl) rather than statically typed ones (like Java) will have been done by the experts and then OpenSourced with the rest of Solaris 10.