Yearly Goals - October 6th 2005 to October 5th 2006

The aim is to, at the least, achieve all these goals. The time allocated is from October 6th 2005 to midnight October 5th 2006.

I’ve archived my 2004/2005 PiP and it can now be found on the 2004/2005 Pragmatic Investment Plan page.

Note: This page is actually getting a surprisingly high amount of traffic so I thought I should add some comments and an attribution. The original idea for a Pragmatic Investment Plan comes from Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt, the Pragmatic Programmers, to be specific the very interesting slides from the How To Keep Your Job presentation, if you’ve never seen them and you work in a technology field then I suggest you spend some quality time with them, they might just save your salary in years to come.

The goals underneath are my own and have nothing to do with the Pragmatic Programmers, who are probably at the stage where their todo lists has such items as “become a being of pure energy.” Buy their books, it’s worth it.

Broad goals

  • Write and publish four technical articles.
  • Attain two tech industry certificates/attend two training courses.
  • Areas to investigate:
  • Multipath IO
  • Design by contract
  • Automated hardening
  • Failover Firewalls (OpenBSD CARP)

Write and publish four applications/plugins/components that are downloaded by at least 50 people each.

Write a useful CPAN module:

And that was October 6th 2005 to October 5th 2006.