New Day, New Year and New job - Well - Two out of Three

As of 6PM yesterday (or midnight - depending on how you interpret my employment contract) my current role is redundant and I’m no longer a member of the working world. It was a mostly good 28 months and I was lucky enough to work with some damn smart people.

This wasn’t unexpected. Between the Register articles and a generously lengthened consultation period most of us were pretty sure we’d be on the market again soon. My initial plan was to take a couple of months off (it’s been nearly five years since I had more than a week and a half off in a single block) but there is a permie job that sounds very cool and a short term contract I’m interested in (and should hear about today) so I may have to delay the skiving a little longer.

One of the nicer things to come out of this being over is that I can start getting involved in external projects again. I think I’ll spend more time this year annoying the people writing some of the projects that should make up my tool chain over the next year or two. I still like Puppet and after a little playing around with Cobbler I quite like it. Especially if the “Debian breed” stuff works. Of course, this means I’ll need to learn at least basic Ruby and Python so there goes that extended holiday I was going to take. Unless I lug a pile of books to the beach :)

Now to spend the day lazing around, recover from a late night and enjoy being a drain on society for a whole day. Happy New Year.